About us

Our goal is to create coherent and unique ideas
with soul, which will fulfill the physical
(Space, comfort, functionality …)
and psychic needs
(Beauty, harmony, aesthetics …).


It is formed by a team that
tries its best to make these ideas come true. For us, there are neither
big nor small projects. All of them are important, all
of them are unique with different needs and clients and they
fulfill us with experience and creativity, until
reaching projects with soul.

We are a Heterogeneous Team

Designers, technicians, carpenters,
Architects, engineers, blacksmiths … all of them coordinated
to understand the project from different points of view.
Each of us gives their best insight, their specialization and their capability to
coordinate; we believe that a great team’s work is
an absolute guarantee of success

In all the projects we have been engaged, we have managed to achive

Complete customer satisfaction.
The enthusiasm to see the result.
The certainty of knowing that your investment has been made in the best place.
Customer satisfaction with each of the team members.
All of our client let us know they will choose SENZA again for a new project.
In public projects, we have always managed to achieve a significant increase in the business.

In our studio, you will be assisted by

Mercedes Peláez Díaz De Terán (Interior  design and Marketing)
Eduardo Peláez Díaz de Terán (Management)
Luis Miguel Falcón Rodríguez (Technical Architecture)
Daniel Álvarez Martínez (Technical Architecture and Renewable Energies)
Fátima Núñez Marrón (Administration)
Francisco Jesús Flores García (Interior Design)
Félix Sánchez Santiago (Installations and Assembly)